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December Baby

A personal style blog.
January 11, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of House Boats

On Saturday my friend Jenny and I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to go to Sausalito, which is just across the bay. Jenny just got engaged (yay!) and she was going to look at a couple of places for the ceremony and reception. Being a good friend, I offered to accompany her. That, and I always love a good day trip.

After checking out one location and a delicious lunch at Cibo (I was delighted to see they served Blue Bottle Coffee), I made sure we took the detour to see some of the fun house boats in the marina. I really wanted to show Jenny the Taj Mahal house boat, but instead we stumbled upon the -- for lack of a better term -- "trailer park" of house boat 'hoods.

It was great! So colorful and eclectic (actually much more interesting than the Taj Mahal house boat).

The lovely bride-to-be!

But we did finally make it to the Taj Mahal. And it is really cool. Apparently it was briefly a bed and breakfast, but it's been a private residence for nearly four decades.

Pretty neat-o, huh?

(OK, one thing I can say about photographing my outfits everyday: It's making me more aware of what looks good when I'm posing for pictures. Before I would have never crossed my legs like so. But it works!)

Back to the outfit posts tomorrow! Ciao!

January 10, 2011

But I am Le Tired

This was Friday's outfit. My Friday consisted of work, happy hour tapas with a good amiga, wandering around the Mish and into Modern Times Bookstore to pick up a Moleskin planner (whew!) and a used book (Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum), scooting to a gallery show in SOMA, and then back home to tuck myself into bed and watch a Bollywood film.

All in all, a pretty good day.

Because I didn't know what my day would entail after work, I decided to go with something pretty darn comfy.

Top: gift    Cardi: ON    Cords: Gap    Boots: ON    Necklace: c/o Erskine College

You should be looking forward to my posts from the weekend. On Saturday I went on an adventure. On Sunday I tried fashion risk #3. Can you just not wait?

And day one of wearing something from my husband's closet went well. I had fun trying on his tops this morning.

Reba doesn't like the cold weather. She's currently parked in the hallway because she was charging all day after refusing to start for me this morning. Oh, well. Riding public transportation gives me time to read and listen to music.

January 09, 2011

Fashion Risk #2: High-waisted Bell Bottoms

And here's my second fashion risk of the year. I bought these jeans on a whim from HauteLook.com, and it turned out to be a great whim. They're so comfortable and just the right length. I even guessed on the size, and I guessed right.

I love these jeans. So you'll probably be seeing a lot of them from now on.

Jeans: J Brand    Top: gift    Vest: Converse One Star via Target    Boots: Madden

And the answer is yes, I am talking on the phone in these pictures. I was making my coffee and about to take pictures before work when my good pal from back home called.

I suppose I'm a multi-tasker.

The hubs is going out of town for work this week, and I'm seriously considering conducting a little project while he's gone. I think I'll raid his closet everyday he's gone and see if I can style something of his for myself everyday. He'll love that.

Or he'll never know.

January 06, 2011

Fashion Risk #1: Red Pants

And these are the red pants. I'm so very excited about them. Ever since I saw them on Kendi over at Kendi Everyday, I've wanted some to call my own. I have the grey version, but couldn't justify spending as much on the red ones. Well, I walked into the Gap Monday after work, just browsing, mind you, and I see the sign "Take an additional 50% off of sale items." Then I see a pile of red cords, obviously rifled through, on one of the sale tables. They've been reduced to $39.99. I tell myself that if my size is still there, I'll get them.

It was fated. There they were, just waiting for me. I even found the size up from my own so I could try both on and double check sizing in the fitting room. (As we all know, sizing can be tricky.) $20 for a pair of red cords! I was so excited.

Top: Target (for like $3!)    Vest: Converse via Target    Pants: Gap    Boots: Madden

Funny story about these photos: I was actually on a conference call as I snapped these shots. And I was also the only one in the office so far, so I figured I take the opportunity of the bright sunlight pouring in the windows. Also, the day I wore these pants (yesterday) was the first day that Reba was ready to ride. Reba is red, too, so my pants matched my scooter.

Tomorrow you'll see that I wore this very same vest again. Two days in a row. It's a great vest, though. You'll also see tomorrow that I have developed a habit of snapping outfit pictures while on the phone.

January 06, 2011

Key Comfort Pieces

Tuesday was my second day back at work after a great vacation. It's been cold in San Francisco, and I had to ride the train to work as Reba (our scooter) has been acting up lately. (Don't worry, she's all better now.)

So Tuesday I was feeling the I-wish-it-were-the-weekend-already vibe. I dressed accordingly. My key comfort pieces? Leggings, warm boots, a sweatshirt (that cost all of $10.50 at Old Navy!) and a scarf. I realize that these boots are dangerously close to being Uggs*, but I just can't resist their comfort. And the sock-like shaft is so cute.

Sweatshirt: ON    Leggings: Prana via See Jane Run    Boots: Keen    Socks: Gap    Infinity scarf: gift    Vest: Wet Seal (circa 2003)

Part of my New Years resolution is to take fashion risks. My first risk? Red pants. More on that in the next post.

Feliz dia de los reyes magos!**

*I have nothing againts Uggs, they just aren't typically my style.

**Happy Three Kings Day!

January 04, 2011

Travel Style: Guatemala

I'm back! After a little hiatus (allowing ample time for a relaxing family vacay in Guatemala), I'm back to the blogosphere. I thought I'd give you a sampling of what I wore on the trip. Because the weather ranged from hot to unpredictable, I packed lots of layers, two trusty scarves and flats.

Tee: Gap    Cardi: Old Navy    Jeans: gift    Scarf: Gap    Shoes: Toms

(That's my dad and me in the old center of Guatemala City.)

Tank: ON    Jeans: gift    Cardi: Target    Infinity Scarf: Prana via See Jane Run    Shoes: Crocs (Gasp!)

Fun story about these jeans: I got into my first -- and only, so far -- scooter "accident" while wearing these. It involved my scooter ("Reba") and a wet, slick Muni track. I fell and scraped myself up, but wasn't badly injured. The jeans were, though. They sustained one large hole in the right knee and a smaller one in the left knee. I think it makes them look cooler.

Top: Gap    Jeans: gift    Scarf: Prana via See Jane Run    Sling backpack: Patagonia    Shades: F21

That's my lovely and ever-so-sweet mom-in-law. Seriously, I hope everyone who gets married is blessed with a mom-in-law as wonderful as mine is.

This little sling backpack folds into itself for easy storage in the corner of a suitcase. And it stores lots of stuff (a book, magazine, sunglasses and case, digital camera, water bottle and more).

Top: Gap    Jeans: Gap    Shoes: Banana Republic    Scarf: Gap    Earrings: gift    Shades: F21

These shoes turned out to be really great for walking all day. I wore them on the plane and walking around a coffee plantation and the market in Antigua all day. Banana has done a great job with their new insoles.

I have noticed a trend in my travel wear. It falls mainly into the grey, black and purple category. That turned out to be a good thing for mixing and matching on the trip. Completely unintentional on my part when packing. I just packed items I knew I would be comfortable in.

I promise lots more outfit posts in 2011. I have big plans for this blog. I just gotta start setting them in motion...

December 22, 2010

Dream Kitchen

OK, definitely not my dream kitchen. Not by a long shot. This is the kitchen at work (like you wanted to know). I snapped some quick shots while my morning tea was steeping.*

I haven't done the "tomboyish" look much. Mainly because I can have a bit of an androgynous look (I was cast as Peter Pan in the musical only a few years ago), and I've been trying to embrace my girly side. (Mostly by buying nicer makeup and prettier things... That's how it's done, right?) But I was feeling this look yesterday, so I went with it.

I even buttoned my shirt all the way to the top button... which I promptly unsnapped for work. I move around a lot of boxes at work, and buttoned top buttons would make that unpleasant.

Button-Down: American Eagle

Cardigan: Gap

Cords: Gap

Belt: F21, I think

Boots: Steve Madden

I'll be on vacation (family vacation) in Guatemala for the next week and a half, so I won't be seen around these parts. But I'll be brainstorming some ideas for the blog. (It's a good thing this blog's still kind of "under construction"; I don't feel so bad about neglecting it for a couple of weeks.)

Merry Christmas!


*Please know that I'm usually a coffee girl. I just neglected to brew some before I left the house.

December 19, 2010

White Elephant in the Room

Tonight the hubs and I went to his coworker's place for a White Elephant Christmas party. The gift I ended up with was not-so-White-Elephant: a Philz gift card and pound of Philz Tesora beans. Yum! I'd say I made off pretty well. The party was fun, plus I always like seeing other peoples' places in the city. Is that strange?

Today I went shopping at Gap, where they were having a ridiculous sale: 30% off of full-priced items and 40% off of sale items. I bought these pants, this top and this black cowl sweater. All for under $50. I'd say that's a good deal.

So, between the cheap clothes and Philz coffee (and a yummy breakfast out with the hubs), today was a great day.

(Also, I painted my nails red, which feels surprisingly empowering.)

Top: Gap

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Cords: Gap

Necklace: H&M

Flats: Target

December 16, 2010

Borrowed Potential

This morning this top kept looking at me from its spot in the drawer.

But not my drawer. My husband's.

So, I finally gave in to its tantalizing stares. Hubs had already left for work anyway, and it was his fault for leaving his drawer open a crack. ;) So I decided to make an outfit around it. Something nice and laid-back with a "oh, did I partially tuck my shirt in" nonchalance.

Hubs only acted fake-annoyed that I took one of his tops. Besides, he has more clothes than me. Seriously. Maybe one day i'll convince him to let me post some of his outfits on here. (Side note: Check out the bottom left corner of the above photo. That would be one of hubs' birthday gifts. It's a dog that acts as a speaker and dances to your music.)

Top: borrowed from hubs

Tank: Old Navy

Jeans: gift from hubs

Belt: F21

Boots: Old Navy

Scarf: Gap

December 13, 2010

Morning Run: 12.13.10

I'm starting to get the hang of this not-looking-at-the-camera thing.

I really appreciate it when a fashion blogger makes herself vulnerable enough to take pictures of herself in her workout gear. (One of my favorite bloggers does it on a regular basis!) Thought I'd give it a shot, too.

This month I'm running exclusively in my Vibram FiveFingers shoes as part of my "Give Up/Take On Project." (Read about the project here.) So far, so good.

LS Top: from the Inaugural Oakland Half-Marathon (2010)

Tank: Nike

Shorts: Oiselle

Shoes: Vibram FiveFingers


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